Jason A. Bloomer
Software and Web Developer - IT Consultant - Independent Contractor
Self-taught Programmer
Fluent, demonstrable proficiency with numerous programming languages, and dozens of professional applications, frameworks, and platforms.
Personable Assistance
Don't have a company? No problem. I'm open to private contracts. Remote IT assistance available anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
Creative Designer
Artistic touch, and creative realism, at your fingertips. If you have a vision, I can help you achieve it. Not sure what you want? We can work together to find out.
About Me
Jason A. Bloomer
Fountain Hills, Arizona, United States
Language: English
Age: 27

Hobbies: Physics, Astronomy, Geology, Aviculture, Computation Theory, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

I enjoy designing and creating unique tools and one-of-a-kind experiences for the web and beyond.

I started programming at around nine years old, learning MS-DOS and QuickBasic on an original IBM Thinkpad 500. By 2009, I had hosted my first website on Yahoo! Geocities, and began diving into the world of Web Design. Since then, I have lent my skills to dozens of local businesses and private individuals for numerous needs and purposes, from writing and maintaining internal tools, to open-source applications and web-portals.

As a freelancer, I have had the freedom to acquire a broad set of knowledge and experience in performing a multitude of tasks, with a plethora of different systems and hardware. I am already familiar and well-versed in a variety of IT-related fields and skills, but will never turn down an opporunity to learn something new. My ability to master concepts quickly to employ them for my clients will keep you ahead of your competitors and on track to meet your deadlines. Whether you need someone to manage and update your network, provide systems troubleshooting, create and maintain an application or service, design an e-commerce website, or simply teach my knowledge, I have got you covered.

My rates are budget-friendly, and signing a new contract is quick, easy, and completely confidential. Consultations are always free for individual partnerships.

If you have an idea and are unsure of where to start, don't be afraid to ask questions! I can work closely with you to bring those ideas to life.
Web Developer & Systems Administrator
Nielsen Consulting LLC, Scottsdale, AZ / June 2019 - February 2020
  • Designed, implemented, and tested new front-end for web-based application using custom Wordpress theme, PHP, HTML, Javascript and CSS.
  • Improved end-user experience by optimizing colors, contrast, elements, text sizes, and general application workflow.
  • Developed responsive, dynamic functions to improve application workflow.
  • Optimized legacy code to use better, faster, and more robust methods in order to improve user experience.
  • Responsible for debugging and testing Legacy code to ensure cross-browser compatibility.
Web Developer
Great Dezigns, Scottsdale, AZ / 2011 - 2016
  • Created online store presence for client including styles and color palette.
  • Developed administrative back-end for client to simplify updating and adding new products and services.
  • Integrated off-the-shelf eCommerce payment solutions as requested by client.
  • Worked directly with client to design and develop scripts and functional solutions to business and customer needs.
  • Assisted client with proper utilization of SEO tactics and keywords.
  • Created and modified product images to fit the design and layout of the website, and improve feature visibility.
Freelance Technologist
Self Employed, Phoenix, AZ / 2010 - Present
  • Works closely with various clients across the valley to provide personalized hands-on advice, experience and troubleshooting.
  • Recommends courses of action to clients based on experiential knowledge, their personal needs, and available resources.
  • Assists clients with understanding and employing various technical concepts and methodologies as needed.
  • Resolves networking, hardware and software related issues in a timely manner, providing detail and reasoning to the client.
  • Develops and maintains websites, specialized programs, scripts and tools to address client needs. Assists and educates clients in their use.
Windows 7 / 10 / 11
Ubuntu, Arch, Debian
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere
Adobe AfterEffects
MS Visual Studio
Netbeans 11
MS Office 365
OpenOffice Suite
Oracle Virtualbox
Git, Mercurial, SVN
VMware Workstation
Xways WinHex
...and many more!
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The most frequently requested and in-demand services I can provide for you and your business.
Application Development
Utilizing my extensive familiarity with the development process for applications and software packages, I can create and modify tools to suit various needs - everything from internal tools, automated data processing scripts and point-of-sale systems, to Mobile smartphone applets and full-blown end-user Desktop apps.
Website Design & Maintenance
As someone who has used the Web extensively since its inception, I have a critical eye for design, and know what qualities to strive for in your web presence. Websites that look outdated, have usability issues, or lack quality in their content can incur a massive opportunity cost to your business, in the form of lower search rankings and lost visitors. Most users will simply leave the website if their experience is any less than perfect. We can work together to craft a beautiful and engaging web-presence for your business which is customized to suit your needs.
Security & Administration
Utilizing my extensive familiarity with the development process for applications and software packages, I can create and modify tools to suit various needs - everything from internal tools, automated data processing scripts and point-of-sale systems, to Mobile smartphone applets and full-blown end-user Desktop apps.
Private Consulting
Knowing what ideas and business models are viable within the tech sector is tough. I can help you gauge the feasibility of your project from a development standpoint, outline available methods for completion, provide cost and labor estimates, and lend my thorough and in-depth knowledge of the tech sector where ever it may be needed.
Free, Open-Source, and Personal projects I have worked on.
DUOpenMarket API & Client - v1.61.1
An Open-Source Third-Party Market API and Desktop Client for Dual Universe
Client created in MS Visual Studio with VB.NET. API created with HTML, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, and SQL.

  • Scrapes log files created by Dual Universe, for market data, which is automatically synced to our public API server.
  • Secure login using Discord OAuth. Automatically self-updates from GitHub.
  • Allows users to browse orders on the server with advanced searching filters and custom sorting.
  • Provides access to historical graphs, showing past trends in market activity.
  • Small client footprint and minimal background resource consumption, leaving the game experience untouched.
Not affiliated with Novaquark, Dual Universe, or any related companies.
Online Mapping Utility for Wurm Online MMORPG
Created with HTML, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, and SQL. Uses the Leaflet.js framework.

  • Public community-maintained maps and POI databases for all 16 official Wurm Online servers.
  • Visual, interactive, and highly-performant web-based map interface.
  • Editable and searchable markers, togglable layers, with per-item permissions.
  • Secure login and permission system for editors and administrators.
Not affiliated with Wurm Online, Code Club AB, Game Chest Group, or any related companies.
ActiveSteg v2.23
An Always-On-Screen GPU-Accelerated Steganography Filter
Created in MS Visual Studio with VB.NET and C#

  • Seamlessly capture screenshots of any window, and instantly process the image to reveal steganographic images.
  • Examine the raw data of images to reveal hidden messages in Hexadecimal or ASCII format.
  • Supports most common image formats. (BMP, GIF, JPG, and PNG)
ForeRunner v4.2.12c
Advanced Statistical Analysis Tool for Sports Betting
Created in MS Visual Studio with VB.NET, C# and Python. Requires local installation of PyTesseract.

  • Scrape and Archive various competition statistics from nearly any site on the web. Output to .CSV format.
  • Assists with analysis of archived data, and aids decision-making prior to bet-placement.
  • Application created by client request, demo provided with client permission.
A Software-Based RAID Controller with Native Encrypting-File-System Support
Created in MS Visual Studio with VB.NET and C#

  • Store files across multiple disks in any selectable RAID configuration, and seamlessly recover data, all from software.
  • Encrypt/Decrypt files using multiple encryption algorithms with fully customizable parameters.
  • Inspect the entropy and data patterns contained in files, images, memory, and even data from several generation sources.
  • Check for known potentially insecure files with checksum verification and optional upload/verification with VirusTotal.
  • Many built in tools to empower users. Create files with pregenerated content, rename files in bulk, securely delete files using customizable pass options, and much more.
User Interface for Biometric Record Database Management
Created in MS Visual Studio with VB.NET, C#, and Python

  • Record and index unique Biometric Information Records (BIR) in a visual way, with support for most common CBEFF data types and formats.
  • Examine, create, update, delete, merge, sort, search, and compare BIRs and their associated data.
  • Collate, Compare, and Find individual matches using Face, Iris, Body, Markings, Fingerprints, Handwriting, and Voice.
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